My Basic Encaustic Formula



If you have been looking for an encaustic formula, you are probably aware that there are many variations, so my husband and I decided to mix our own Beeswax and Dammar Resin to create an encaustic formula that worked for us.

First we purchased a small scale for about $7.00, 3 measuring cup sets with rubber tip handles for $4.00 each, we bought a $10.00 3qt sauce pan with a lid, some popsicle sticks, a stirring spoon, precut plywood to use as our canvas, we grabbed our old electric griddle, bought 3 pounds of beeswax and 1 pound of dammar resin, a wide variety of powdered pigments, a set of  non nylon brushes, a heat gun, a wax iron, carving tools, anything we could find to embellish our art with and grabbed some old plywood squares that we had in the garage to protect our counters from the heat and wax.

We measured out an 1 ounce of dammar resin to 4 ounces of beeswax on our scale, then we used our new sauce pan and melted the dammar resin first, because the melting point is higher than that of the beeswax, then we melted in the beeswax, we stayed under 250F.

When both the dammar resin and beeswax had melted we poured the mixture into our measuring cups and set them on the preheated griddle, warm enough to keep the wax melted. We then mixed our powder pigments into the measuring cups. Now how much pigment we used is just a preference, start with a quarter of a teaspoon and add enough to reach your desired color and opacity. Mix each color with it’s own popsicle stick. 

Now you are ready to create your own encaustic art.










2 thoughts on “My Basic Encaustic Formula

  1. Thank you Sandy, I bought the measuring cup brand is valerie bertinelli, purchased at Ross, and the brushes I bought at Joann’s the brand is loew cornell, I also used some of my regular art brushes that I had, just stay away from nylon. We really need to get together and create some art. xoxoxoxoxox


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